August 14, 2004

Nothing Beats Ex Sex

"So that's it?" Erin asked as she leaned into the passenger side window of my old car.

"What do you mean?" I asked back.

"You tell me weeks ago that you still have feelings for me. We flirt back and forth since then and made plans for tonight. And after all that, you were a perfect gentleman. You didn't make a pass at me. You didn't kiss me. You didn't force me into the bathroom for a quick feel or anything. What the hell is wrong with you?" Erin shook her head at me as she jumped up onto the curb and walked away from me. I didn't have a chance to say anything. I was shocked at what she said. Since I let my ex know that I still had feelings for her, she didn't say anything about feeling anything for me. Erin and I had remained friends since our break up three years ago. We hung out a lot, acted like a couple without being a couple. We joked and flirted and held stares on each other a little longer then we should have. I wasn't even sure the exact reason why we broke up then and I still don't know now.

I watched as she stepped into the entranceway of her apartment complex. The words she said echoed in my ears. I parked the car in the empty space and quickly jumped to my feet. I locked the door as I ran across the street and followed her into her apartment building. I called out her name but got no response. I heard her on the steps, just one flight ahead of me. I knew that if I had any chance of rekindling our relationship, I needed to act now. I got to her floor and saw her at her door. She looked at me with that same disgusted look on her face I saw at my car. She put her key in the door and turned it slightly. I rushed behind her, wrapping my arms around her hips as I started kissing her neck.

I felt Erin's body surrender to mine as she leaned back against me. She dropped her hand from her key chain and placed them around my arms, tightening my grip around her. I leaned her against the door as I kissed her neck and ears. She moaned as she pushed open the door. Erin dragged me quickly into her apartment.

She turned around and kissed me deeply. Our tongues tangled and danced with each other's as the door closed to her apartment. Now it was my turn to be forced against the door as she pressed her body against mine. I pulled at the back of her shirt and felt her arms rise up. I lifted her shirt off her chest. I dropped the shirt to the floor as I kissed and licked her shoulder. Erin closed her eyes and ran her fingers through my hair as I teased her bra strap off her shoulder. She reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra.

I watched as Erin took a step back with the sexiest grin on her face. She licked her lips as she shrugged her shoulders forward and with it came the flimsy fabric of her bra. I took a deep breath as her breasts bounced free. Because Erin was a little chubby, it gave her real big breasts. She thought she was fat, but I never thought she was. She wanted to lose weight, I'd often told her she looked great just the way she was. I leaned forward and kissed her breasts as she once again played with my hair. I felt her hand sliding down my belly to my jeans, rubbing my cock through my jeans. I moaned as she stroked me.

I felt her raise my shirt over my belly button. I lifted my arms as she lifted my shirt off my chest. I'm not saying I'm in great shape either. However, I'm not in bad shape. I'd put on a little bit more muscle and lost a little bit of my gut (my only trouble area) since the last time Erin had seen me without a shirt. She smiled as she stroked my chest hair, pulling my face down to hers for another long kiss.

She steered me down the hallway, occasionally stopping for another kiss. We made our way into her room,. Once the door was closed, Erin and I embraced again. I felt her stroking my cock through my jeans for a second or two before she unzipped them. I smiled as she pulled them down my legs. I quickly stepped out of them. I reached my hands around her, rubbing my fingers across her butt and quickly pulled my hands to the front and unzipped her pants. I tugged her pants around her ankles as she kicked them off. She wasn't even wearing panties all night! She yanked my white boxer briefs down. They fell down my legs and landed on the floor.

Erin knew my favorite position. Quickly she led me to the bed and pushed me on my back. With the biggest smile on her face, she slid on top of me and hovered over my rock hard cock. She closed her eyes as she grabbed hold of it and slid down on it. Erin let out a slight moan as I entered her for the first time in years. She was wet for me that I slid in pretty easily. My hands maneuvered to her waist, extending my fingers to press against the lower part of her breasts. Once I was fully inside her, she started to rock her hips back and forth. I pushed her up and down on my cock.

Erin and I worked like a well oiled machine. It was like no time had passed since the last time we were together. The bed rocked under us as we made love. I watched as her tits bounced with each thrust. I heard her moans fill the room. It felt so good to be back inside her. She grabbed her breasts, squeezing them against her chest as she pumped faster and faster on my lap.

Quickly, Erin and I were crossing that line from making love to fucking. I saw the look of total desire in her eyes. She wanted to cum and she needed it quick. Quickly, I grabbed her by the hips and flipped her onto her back. She was surprised but I climbed on top of her. I covered her face with kisses as I reached between us and grabbed my cock. Without a word being said, I shoved the entire length of my hardness into her. She scratched at my back, drawing blood with her nails as I slipped in and out.

"Harder," she moaned. Erin lifted her legs into the air as I thrust harder inside her. I cringed as she dug those nails into my back again. It wasn't the first time she had done that to me. I guess what they say is true; pain is so close to pleasure. Her legs wrapped around my hips, sinking me further into her pussy. My hands grabbed her tits, squeezing her nipples between my fingers. That was it for her. I felt the eruption of her pussy around my cock as I covered my mouth with hers. I thought she was going to bite my tongue right off.

It wasn't long before I came. I erupted inside her. Erin's eyes lit up when she felt my warm cum fill her sweet hairy pussy. I collapsed on top of her heaving breasts, my softening cock still buried inside her. Erin stroked my hair as I planted soft kisses on her massive cleavage. Moments later, I rolled off her. I wrapped my arms around her and we fell asleep.

And in the morning, we did it all over again.