February 03, 2004

Private Cabin Sex

Laura enjoyed accompanying her husband, Arthur, to the remote Rocky Island cabin for his bird field studies. The cabin sat on the edge of a spruce forest above a beach on a small island far off the coast of Alaska. Arthur spent the day with his spotting scope off in the blind, counting birds. As a kindergarten teacher, Laura had the whole summer off. For weeks at the cabin she had every day completely alone in a place so remote that it was rare for a boat to appear on the far horizon or an airplane to pass overhead.

Part of the pleasure of this remote privacy was the ability to forget about wearing clothing. As long as it wasn't cold or rainy, Laura never bothered with pants or panties, just wearing a long t-shirt or fleece top from the morning when she cooked breakfast, through the day spent reading or walking on the shore, and into the evening when she climbed into the double-sized sleeping bag with Arthur and wrapped her legs around him for the nightly fuck that she always insisted on. If the sun was out, she did without her top, too, and wore nothing but her sturdy clogs.

Each morning after Arthur left for his studies, Laura would bathe on the front deck of the cabin with water warmed on the camp stove, washing her long, brown hair, her breasts, underarms and, most thoroughly of all, between her legs, rubbing her clit, vagina and anus with the rough fabric of a washcloth, the cushioned resistance of a sponge, and with her slippery, soapy hands. After drying in the sun, she would apply a thick layer of sun block to all her sensitive spots-she brought cases of the stuff. Then she would sit back on a lawn chair to read from the large box of erotic stories she had brought while lazily rubbing her clit, sometimes with her fingers and sometimes with a selection from her extensive collection of battery-operated vibrators. Within half an hour her cunt would be wet and her skin flushed, and that was how she would go through the day, always keeping herself at the forward edge of arousal, just short of the need to come as soon as possible.

Walking on the beach or working in the cabin, at any time of the day, she might feel the warmth in her scalp and the sensitivity in her hard nipples was enough-she had to have more. Then, wherever she was, she would grab her favorite vibrator-the big, red one that filled her up, wiggled inside on her G spot, and vibrated bunny ears on her clit-and she would sit or squat or just lie on the ground, and she would do it until she came. In her state of excitement, it only took a few minutes to come whenever she wanted to, and if she felt like it, she would keep going and come and come and come. There in the wilderness, she was free to scream and laugh at the eagles flying overhead while she gave herself orgasms several times a day, the hours speeding by until Arthur returned.

One late summer afternoon a boat appeared on the horizon while Laura was sitting on the beach with her legs spread and a toy plunging in and out of her cunt. The boat slowly approached. She resented anyone invading her world and she got mad. No holding off: she brought on her orgasm quickly, just one little one this time, and put her long shirt back on, fuming at the beat-up fishing boat that came right into her cove and dropped an anchor. It was some kind of small fishing boat, its paint all peeling, with the name "Predator" painted on the bow.

Arthur tried to calm her down that evening. After all, the waters were free to anyone. Laura said, "OK, then you won't mind if I go outside like this?" She pulled her shirt over her head, so she was naked, and went for the door.

"I don't think they could see you at this distance," he said, uncertainly.

Laura loved Arthur dearly, and she enjoyed his fit, slender body immensely-he did absolutely anything she told him to do sexually, and his long, slender penis was always ready. But she wished sometimes he could be a little more assertive, more commanding. She came back from the door and looked at him with exasperation, but also a feeling of nurturing. That was just the way he was.

Absentmindedly, she pushed his dinner dish aside and placed her naked butt on the table instead, facing him and resting her feet on his knees as he sat, her legs spread in front of him. He smiled up at her. She grabbed his head by the ears and gently but firmly pushed his face down on her cunt. As soon as his carefully trimmed mustache touch the soft wet flesh there, she felt his mouth go expertly to work sucking on her clit and tickling it up and down on his tongue, just as she had taught him to do. Her tension and anger about the arrival of the boat drifted away as she closed her eyes and concentrated on what Arthur's mouth was doing, hearing only the waves softly rolling in on the beach and the slurping sound as he drank her ample juices. It didn't take long for her to come again-she'd been interrupted on the beach using the vibrator less and an hour before-and this one lasted as she squeezed Arthur's head firmly between her thighs, arched her back, groaned deeply, and sank her elbow into the pot of cooling Dinty Moore stew.

That night after Arthur was asleep, Laura got up to look out in the midnight twilight of the Alaska summer at the boat anchored just offshore. There was a light on. She quietly set up Arthur's high-powered scope to see what was going on aboard the boat. She could see a man sitting at a table in the wheelhouse. He had a full, thick beard, black, thick stringy hair, also jet black, and he was wearing a torn flannel shirt, black with dirt and grease. Not her type. Usually. She tried to see what he was reading at the table. He kept shifting and moving in his seat, with one hand hidden from view under the table. Then she saw that it was a porno magazine. Laura could see he was looking at a fold-out of a slutty woman with her legs wide spread and the fisherman was masturbating.

Jerkily, he stood. For a moment, Laura lost focus on him in the lens, and then she saw he was facing shore, facing her. She looked around. The cabin was dark. There was no way she could be seen watching. In the light inside the boat's cabin, she could see his penis sticking upward as he stood, facing the shore. It was enormous. Huge and thick, like a tree growing out of him, and glistening with lotion. And his big, dirty hands were rubbing it up and down while he writhed, standing, his legs spread apart on the deck. Laura reached down and rubbed herself in time with him, feeling her responsive cunt tighten and grow wet and her breath grow short. She fumbled and found a small, quiet vibrator close at hand. Then she saw him come, a fountain of white semen spurting forth as he jerked this way and that on his feet. He sat down hard, panting, resting. Then he pulled off his shirt and wiped himself with it. His chest was huge and hairy and she could almost smell it through the spotting scope. She started to come, too, trying to remain silent so as not to wake Arthur, and unable to continue looking through the scope. As she sat back, catching her breath, she wondered why the man in the boat had chosen to masturbate right there by the window. Could he have known she was watching?

In the morning after Arthur left, Laura kept her shirt on, feeling angry with the boat, but also excited that the man she had secretly masturbated with was there on board. Distracted and unable to concentrate on anything else, she finally decided to go through with her morning bathing after all. She stood on the sunny deck, facing the boat, and pulled off her shirt, then began the ritual of pouring the water over head and wetting her whole sleek, white body. Pretending she had forgotten something inside, she darted in the door of the cabin and peered out around the corner of the window with binoculars. She saw two figures on the boat, both looking straight at the cabin. The black haired one was there, and now a blond as well, also with a big, shaggy beard. Both were huge, mountainous men. As she looked harder, she noticed they were pushing each other. They had one spotting scope on a tripod aimed at the cabin, and they were fighting over who would get to watch her.

Laura stepped back on the deck to give them a show worthy of their conflict. She stood up on a wooden box so they would be able to see everything. She took the sponge and slowly washed one side, then the other, washed her large breasts carefully, pushing them up and rubbing the nipples, which already stood out hard. Then she bent over so her ass and the slit of her cunt would be facing the boat, and started washing her crack carefully and slowly, rubbing up and down with a slippery, soapy hand again and again. Bending down further she looked between her legs out toward the boat. Both me were on deck now, one of either side, both had their pants around their ankles and were jerking off as fast as they could go. She stood up, turned around, and picked up her binoculars. They couldn't help see that she was looking at them. The black haired one kept on rubbing himself, but the blond jumped up pulled his pants on. Laura was frustrated that she didn't get to check out his penis.

Instead of coming now, Laura decided to tease herself and her watchers some more. She put on a short shirt that barely covered her ass and went for a walk on the beach. Strolling along, she bent over every now and then to pick up a pebble of a shell, making sure her rear end was facing toward the fishing boat when she did. She could feel the shirt riding up and showing off her ass. She spread her legs so they could see the whole thing. She was getting very hot and decided to head back to the cabin to use her favorite vibrator, the big red one, when she saw the two men on the Predator were launching a dingy to come ashore.

Suddenly frightened, Laura rushed to the cabin to put on a pair of pants. It had been so long since she had worn them-several days-where could they be? She starting wildly dumping out bags and digging through the dirty clothes bag looking for them, but looking up she saw the dingy was just arriving on the beach. She decided to walk out and meet them as she was, tugging her short shirt down as best she could so it would at least cover all of her pubic hair.

"Hi, how are you? What can I do for your gentlemen?" she asked.

The black haired man laughed a deep, rumbling, and dirty-minded laugh. The blond said, "Good morning, how are you doing?"

"I'm doing just great. I haven't seen another person for two weeks, except my husband."

"Husband?" grunted the black haired one.

"Yes, he's here," Laura said.

Both men looked crestfallen.

"Figures," said the black haired guy, and he turned to walk back to the dingy.

"So what brings you here?" Laura asked.

The blond said, "Nothing. We're hunting. We're going to kill some birds here. Maybe ducks, geese, or whatever. We like killing all of them, eat some of them, or just for fun."

Laura said, "You can't do that. My husband is here to study the birds. He has a permit for use of the whole island."

"Yeah?" the blond guy said. He dropped his gaze, perhaps feeling as dejected as his friend. "I guess we can find another island." He turned to go back to his boat.

"Don't go yet," Laura said. They both looked at her sharply. "Stay for dinner. My husband will be back at 5."

They stood still. The black haired guy said, "You going to make it worth it for us to stay?"

Laura nodded. "Just stay out on the boat until 5," she said.

When the men were safely back out on their boat, Laura set about fulfilling her promise. She carried her supplies down to the beach. She lay out a blanket. Her breath was shallow. She was excited and scared. She heard a metallic rumble and saw that the fishing boat was pulling up anchor. Were they leaving before she could put on her show? No, they were moving closer. With the fishing boat anchored just a few hundred feet away, and the men now sitting on the foredeck, their clothes completely removed, she took off her shirt and lay on the blanket on the beach, naked.

First she struck different poses. On her hands and knees with her butt in the air. Lying on her side facing them (and watching their penises grow hard). Lying on her back and slowly spreading her legs, lifting them up in the air stiffly so her cunt would open wide between the two long, firm limbs, facing in their direction. Then she got out her largest dildo. On hands and knees, she started by sucking it, then she reached around and pushed it into her cunt. It was a tight fit, and she had to push hard and spread her legs as wide as she could. She put her face down on the blanket and used both hands, jamming the huge dildo into her cunt, then fucking herself with it, fast, jamming it in again and again. It filled her up completely.

She rolled over, lay on her back, with her legs spread and in the air, and her head cocked back. She pulled the dildo out and turned on a vibrator to work on her cunt and clit. Then she took the dildo, wet from her cunt, and sucked it into her mouth, slowly working it into her throat, fighting her gag reflex to get it as far down as possible. This, she knew, would drive the men crazy. She was truly expert at giving head, and she thought she might be able to get the whole dildo down, although she had never tried with such a large one. Concentrating hard, she kept working, until finally she felt the balls against her face.

She was in that position when she heard a voice over her. It was the black haired hunter. They had come ashore without Laura hearing it because she was concentrating so hard on her show.

He said, "You might as well do that to me as that piece of rubber."

She pulled out the dildo and turned off the vibrator. He was standing inches away, completely naked except for his rubber boots, and she could see his large, fat cock, the largest she had ever seen. And she could smell him, all that black hair on his body holding his smoky male small.

"When was the last time you washed?" she asked.

"I don't remember," he said. "I'm dirty. So suck me clean."

He knelt down to where she was lying, her head propped up on an elbow, and, holding her head, pushed the soft tip of his penis against her lips. She resisted for a moment, but the truth was that she wanted it and she knew now was the time to give in. She opened her mouth and let the very tip of the penis pressing against her lips come in. It wasn't going to be easy. She opened as wide as she could to get the huge head of the penis in. It pushed in, filling her mouth completely. It tasted salty and musky. She swallowed to gobble down as much of the shaft in as she could while it pushed insistently into her. Black-hair gasped and groaned. She felt she was getting the better of him: she was in control now. Turning over onto her hands and knees, she swallowed and sucked in even more cock. He said, "Oh my god!" Then she sucked as hard as she could and started bobbing her head on him fast. His deep voice moaned and he came, a big load of cum that she could feel filling her mouth and then splashing between her breasts as she pulled back. She looked up. The blond was standing by, his eyes wide, his cock hard. It wasn't as fat as the black-hair's, but it was as long. Laura said, "Bring it here."

He knelt before her and she took his dirty cock in her mouth, tasting the sour, salty flavor, but eager to suck. Still on her hands and knees, she grabbed his low hanging balls as a handle and jammed him into her mouth. He was fucking her mouth, but only at her command, as she held his balls tightly in her fist. With that soft, long shaft in her mouth and halfway down her throat, she suddenly felt a furry face between her legs. Black-hair was lying down between her legs, lapping her cunt furiously while his beard and mustache roughly brushed her inner thighs. Unlike Arthur, he wasn't careful and expert-he was eating her as fast and roughly as he liked. Laura started to groan and rock, forcing the cock in her mouth deeper until it suddenly came, sweet, salty cum that shot right down her throat and made her choke. But she didn't pull back. She was enjoying the man between her legs too much. She sat down hard on him, rocked back and forth on him, and came on his tongue and face.

Laura rolled over on her back and looked up at them standing above her, and smiled. She would need another bath, with semen on her face and hair and their a man's strong smell all over her body. Their penises hung limp and they looked down at her like two sun-dazed dogs.

She said, "See you at dinner time. Now, off you go." She swept them away with a wave of her fingertips, as she did with her kindergarteners at the end of circle time.

Laura spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the cabin and getting the best of the food together. She cleared away all the vibrators and most of the erotica, but left a few choice picture books here and there. She wore her longest shirt-really, it was a dress-but didn't put on panties.

When Arthur got back to the cabin Laura told him the two men from the boat were coming to dinner (she was secretly embarrassed that she still didn't know their names). Arthur was surprised and asked about her encounter with them, which she glossed over by saying it was, "very friendly," and that they "found they had common interests." She also told him that they were bird hunters and that they were leaving the next day rather than spoil his research. Arthur seemed relieved that they were leaving, although she wasn't sure it was the birds he was worried about. She liked that. She wasn't sure what she wanted tonight, but she knew she wanted Arthur to be strong-a real man like the hunters-and not let her push him around.

The two men looked hilarious. They had tried to do their best grooming for dinner, but they didn't know how. Their hands and faces were scrubbed and their hair washed and combed, but it wouldn't stay orderly and stuck out in every direction. Although they wore rough working clothes, the clothes were clean, and apparently for that reason they walked as stiffly as if they were wearing tuxedos.

Arthur introduced himself, and to her surprise Laura found the three men quickly struck up a lively conversation and birds, their habitats, and what species could be found on the island. Laura retreated into the cabin to finish dinner in the cabin. When she looked out the window, the party had livened up. The men were passing a bottle of 190 proof Everclear-almost pure grain alcohol-and laughing loudly, as if at dirty jokes. Laura slipped out the door. Arthur turned and commanded her, "Go back inside."

She stopped still. Laura wasn't sure he'd ever talked to her that way before, and she almost snapped at him. Then she saw the three men standing together and thought about how that would make Arthur look in front of the others. She wanted him to be strong. She silently backed into the cabin, and felt a little rush of blood into her crotch. This was new and exciting.

At dinner the boisterous male conversation went on without her. Laura listened and caught the attention of one man after another. They obviously enjoyed looking at her, they just didn't speak to her. When she got bored of the conversation, she pulled up her dress discretely to flash her cunt at the black-hair, trying to do it in such a way that Arthur, sitting right next to her and talking and gesturing with his hands, wouldn't notice. But his eyes followed the black-hair's eyes and he saw her. She was caught. Would he try to ignore it, or would he get angry and cover her up? She waited, between terror and exhilaration. A light of understanding came over Arthur's face, and she could almost see him making a decision. He reached down and pulled her skirt up higher, right up to her waist so her pubic hair was completely uncovered. He said, "What do you think, guys? Pretty nice, huh?" He told Laura: "Take your clothes off. No more clothes for you tonight."

Laura slowly stood, unsure, but unable to resist. She pulled the shirt over her head so that she stood before the three men at the table completely naked. Arthur said, "Get the gentlemen another drink, then you can sit down."

They finished the meal and kept on talking, leaving her out of the conversation except to stare at her. Arthur started praising her sexual abilities. He told how well she sucked cock, some of the techniques she had developed, how long and how deep she could do it. He described her willingness to take him any way and anywhere he wanted, and told the men a few of their private stories of fucking in elevators, on a school room table, and on an airplane. He saved his strongest praise for her cunt-how wet and silky it was, how tight and yet always ready, and how good she was at controlling her cunt muscles to squeeze a cock tightly.

Arthur said, "Well, see for yourself." He stood and pushed the dishes aside from the picnic table in the cabin. Half of them clattered to the floor. Then he firmly and irresistibly guided Laura to her feet and bent her over the table so her butt was aloft. He put his hand between her legs and roughly rubbed her clit and all the area between her cunt lips and buns. Then he quickly unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out his fly, and shoved it into her. Laura remained silent, listening and feeling that long but familiar cock sliding in, and then, as it reached the end, the fabric of his pants and his rough belt and zipper against her buns.

Arthur kept talking to the other men while he fucked her. Then he pulled out and said, "Go ahead, Rick, you try her. I'm sure you'll enjoy this cunt. Best on the island." All three men laughed and Laura felt a new cock spreading her lips. She tried to crane her head around to find out which one this was-she didn't know if Rick was the blond or the black-hair. But a big hand pushed her head back down on the table. As the cock behind her rhythmically fucked her, she heard Arthur said, "Craig, will you grab that rope on the wall, and that stuff sack hanging under it? I bet you're good at knots. I'll do the head." In a moment she was expertly tied to the table and her vision blocked by the stuff sack. This wasn't like the other times they had played at bondage. She really couldn't move.

"Craig's turn, Rick. Don't hog, plenty for everyone." She could hear them laughing again, and now another new cock was presented to her wet, wide-open cunt. She couldn't pretend she didn't want it. She propped up her butt so the cock could get a better angle. "See that? See how she likes it?" It was enormous penis, forcing her cunt as wide as she had ever felt it, and pushing right up to the end with an exquisite pressure. This had to be black-hair. With the power and insistence she had learned about that afternoon, he pounded in as deep as he could, trying to fit the entirety of his huge cock into her. She worked to relax her well-trained cunt muscles even more so she could take more. She wanted to feel the hilt of his cock. And the she did it. The whole thing filled her, taking her breath away, and she felt his huge, hairy balls swinging against her thighs. He must have his pants off.

"That was a good job. Let's give her a little reward. Who wants to eat her?" A roughly bearded face quickly pressed into her crotch, wildly licking, the nose pressing against her anus. "Woah there, Craig, let me show you something." Now she felt Arthur coming down on her, his familiar and far more skillful licks, which worked her clit perfectly, and wound around her lips and up around her anus. The sensation alone was enough to make her come, and the situation even more so, but she tried to hold back. She wanted this first orgasm to last as long as possible. Then the licking suddenly stopped. "Go ahead, you try it." Arthur was giving them a clinic on how to lick her cunt. She couldn't stop it any longer and she started to come as the next bearded face went down on her, licking all around her cunt, and another hand went inside to rub her G-spot, and yet another tongue worked on her anus, and more hands rubbed up and down her back and along her thighs. She couldn't help jerking hard against the ropes as she came a long, full orgasm. But they didn't stop. They worked harder, three tongues and six hands pleasuring her, Arthur giving tips, the other men practicing to improve. She came again, feeling she would go mad in the ropes.

Arthur said, "Wait a minute, let me show you something else. You can fuck both ends, of course, and if you do it right, you can fuck right down her throat. She's good at it."

The sack lifted just enough to uncover her mouth then was tightened again. Hands held up her head. She recognized Arthur's dick and his crotch-he was naked now-kneeling low in front of her. Then, while the hands guided her head, his cock slowly moved in an out, growing a little deeper each time to get her ready. She swallowed and prepared, then took a gulp as the cock quickly slipped in and down her throat. She felt her nose buried in Arthur's public hair and his balls were bumping her chin. Then he left it there. As Laura struggled to hold her breath and not to gag-struggling to help Arthur show how good she was-he gave a lecture on the finer points of her deep-throat skills. Then she heard him say, "Rick, go ahead and fuck that end while we work up here." A cock was soon back inside her, a hand rubbing her clit, as well as the cock she was swallowing.

Arthur pulled out. He said, "Go ahead and try it, Craig." While Rick continued to fuck her cunt, Craig brought his huge cock to her mouth, just as Arthur had showed him. He coached it slowly in, Laura straining as wide as she could, swallowing repeatedly, hoping to take it all, all the while feeling that cock banging at her from the back. Again she fought to get it down, and again, with her jaw straining, she made it, going even farther down her throat this time, and felt her nose bury in the thick, black pubic hair as her reward.

She bit down, holding that big, black-hair dick inside her. Craig shouted in a combination of pleasure and surprise. Arthur said, "I know how to get it out. She just has to come again. Go ahead, fuck her harder." The cock at the back banged in and out, the flesh of Rick's thighs slapping against her ass. Then she felt a tongue, Arthur's, on her clit. Somehow, with the cock banging away next to his chin, he had gone under the table and was eating her. The thought and the simultaneous stimulation of so many parts brought her to orgasm again and she involuntarily let go of Craig's cock. He pulled out. All three men stopped.

Laura whined.

The men laughed.

"OK, let's go for the finale," Arthur said. "Turn her over."

The ropes were released and the bag removed. Laura turned over, sat up, and looked at the three cocks that had been fucking her, all hard and pointed skyward, all attached to big, muscular men.

Arthur said, "We're all going to fuck you at once, honey. Which one do you want in which hole?"

Laura didn't say anything. She grabbed the blond haired cock of Rick and pulled it to the table. He lay down flat on his back. Then she grabbed Arthur's long, slender cock and positioned him at the far end of the table, near Rick's head. Then she climbed up, hands and knees, on top of Rick, positioning herself so his cock was handy to her cunt. Then she grabbed the big one, Craig's huge, black haired cock, and aimed it at her asshole. She could hear the three men panting and smell their sweat. They waited. She let them wait there for a moment, poised. Then she nodded and the three cocks moved in to enter her all at once.

She kept Arthur to the front of her mouth for now while she concentrated on getting the other two lined up. Rick was easy. She spread her legs and lowered herself, then felt his arms come up and grab her butt. He started jamming himself in as hard and rhythmically as before, only from below. Now she concentrated on her anus, relaxing the muscle as she felt that huge, soft, blunt club of Craig's cock pushing up against it. Nothing was happening. He pushed harder, but it just hurt. She tried to keep sucking Arthur, but it wasn't easy with this pain. Then she saw the stick of butter, still somehow precariously balanced on the edge of the table. She grabbed a handful and smeared it across her butt. The cock suddenly slid in a little, then a little more. She felt like she was splitting apart, but she didn't worry-she was too busy concentrating on sucking and controlling her cunt and butt muscles all at the same time.

The big one slid a little easier. They were over the hard part. And now she could feel the two cocks colliding inside her. Soon she was going to come again soon. She worked harder on Arthur, in her mouth, rolling him on her tongue, sucking deep, drawing back. She wanted him to enjoy this the most. Suddenly Craig's huge cock was all the way in her ass, filling her as if she had to take the most immense shit of her life. Rick's cock was rubbing against Craig's through the thin wall of her cunt and rectum. Then Craig slid out and she felt the incredible release, a huge void, only to be filled again. Craig started a slow, steady rhythm, all the way in and all the way out. Rick slowed down to match it in her cunt, underneath. Then Arthur held her head and took over control fucking her mouth, matching their rhythm. A few more strokes, and she felt she would explode. Three cocks, filling all of her, each moving in, again... one more time... now! She shuddered as she came, the men all the way inside, the muscles of all three holes tightening on them-and then she felt them come, one after another, hot, wet juices deep in her mouth, in her ass, and in her cunt, all groaning in a chorus.

They pulled out. Rolling off Rick and onto her back, she dripped from all three holes. Then men were quiet-impressed and even awed, as they looked down at her. Then the two hunters shook hands respectfully with Arthur, pulled on their clothes, and left without more words. Arthur picked up Laura and carried her over to the bed, lying down naked beside her and carefully wiping away the cum that still dribbled on her check, her cunt lips, and her butt.

He said, "Good job, Laura. I'm very proud of you."

Laura looked back at him mischievously. "Come on," she said. "Fuck me again."