January 29, 2004

Hot Car Sex

The evening was warm and sultry as we drove along the country road in search of the perfect spot to watch the sun set. We came across a field covered in wild flowers just at the base of some low laying hills. It was perfect. We stopped the car and you went to the back seat and took out the blanket and a small picnic basket that were there. You walked over to me and took my hand as we walked the short distance from the road to the field. When we had found the right spot, you handed me one end of the blanket to help you spread it out over the grass. We sat down and turned your eyes toward the hills to watch the sunset. I reached into the picnic basket and retrieved the fresh fruit, cheese and the bottle of wine. We feasted on the fruit and cheese, feeding each other as the sun's brilliant rays were slowly fading in the evening sky. Each piece of food was followed by a kiss, with each one lingering longer than the one before. I was getting aroused as each kiss was deepened more and more. I took a sip of my wine hoping it would help me control the urges that were coming over me but I was hopelessly being taken over by them.

I found myself letting my hands wander over your body as we kissed again. Our lips joining, our tongues teasing each other made me bold as I let my hand wander down to your pants and was encouraged by what I found. You were already erect and moaned into my mouth as my hand began to caress you. I asked you to lie down on the blanket and as you did so, I brought myself over you. I straddled you with my legs as I knelt down. I leaned over and gave you a kiss on the mouth before I proceeded to let my mouth wander across your face and down your neck. My hands had a mind of their own as they traveled down your chest, feeling your heart beat faster as I continued to leave my trail of kisses. When I came to the opening at the top of your shirt, I lingered for a minute, letting my tongue trace the outline of your chest hair that was showing. My hands began to unbutton your shirt and with each button, my tongue followed. My tongue found one of your nipples and as I traced it, you let out a moan and brought your hand up to my back and began massaging it. I let my teeth nip at you a little and this caused you to shiver. I knew this was turning you on even more and continued teasing you there as I moved my body down yours a little. I was down far enough so my hand could come in contact with your penis. My hand gently glided over you through your pants and back up again. I slowly undid the button and zipper and allowed my hand to slip inside.

You were fully erect now and were beginning to pulse in my hand. I moved my hand up and down very slowly, just barley touching you as I finished my trail of kisses that had ended up at the top of your penis. I stood up for a second and asked you to free yourself for me. You raised your hips and proceeded to let your manhood out of its confines. As I saw it emerge, I found myself licking my lips. I couldn't wait to taste you. I went back to my position, kneeling on either side if your legs. I brought my hand to you and began to rub you a little more firmly as I brought my head down to taste you. My tongue just barley touching the top of your penis, stroking across it like a feather. I traced around your head with my tongue, stopping once in awhile to let the tip of my tongue flick across the hole. You were now moaning a little louder and this made me get bolder. I took you into my mouth a little at a time, letting my tongue guide you in until I had you completely in. My tongue teasing you as I moved it back & forth over you. I brought you out very slowly letting you feel my tongue touch every inch of you. When I had you almost completely out, I brought you back in again a little faster. I continued sucking on you, teasing you with my tongue, my hand went to your balls and began squeezing you gently as I brought my head down again. I bring you completely out and let my tongue trace you head again, stopping at the tip to flick my tongue across. Your raise your hand to my head, rubbing my hair as I bring you back in again. You raise your hips to meet me now and I knew I was bringing you close to the edge.

I slow down my movements to let you calm down a bit. My hand replaces my mouth as I bring myself back to your mouth to give you a passionate kiss. I stood up and began removing my clothes, I want to feel my body on yours as I continue making love to you. I happened to look toward the hills and realized the sun was almost set, we were missing it but didn't mind, we were having a show of sorts of our own. I straddled you again and as I did so, you brought your hands to my breast, taking each nipple between your fingers and squeezing them a little. This caused me to moan and arch myself into your hands. My hand found your penis again and began stroking you as you took one breast into your mouth. I lost all sense of control then, I removed my hand and had to use them both to keep my balance over you as you sucked on my breasts. You began tracing my nipple with your tongue, letting your teeth nip at them making me moan louder and causing me to become very wet. You let one hand wander between my legs and let a finger lightly touch my clit. This brought shivers through my body causing me to shake. I raised my hips a little to let you have full access to me and you let your finger glide inside of me. I was really wet and your movements were making me wetter. I began moving my hips with the motion of your hand. I was beginning to start my climb to a climax when you removed your hand. You asked me to turn around so you could taste me with your tongue. As soon as I was in position, you took your hands and spread my lips apart and let your tongue slide up and down touching my clit as you did so. You then probed me with your tongue, going in as far as you could, moving it all around, touching all the sides of me. I began to move my hips, bringing me down closed to your mouth, I wanted you to continue making love to me with your mouth.

I found myself coming to the edge of a climax and you began to move faster with your tongue. You inserted a finger in me and began to thrust in and out of me. This brought me over the edge and I exploded into my climax. My insides gripping your finger as you continued moving it in & out of me. I had brought my hips down hard on your mouth and you readily licked up my juices. I removed myself from your mouth and turned back around to face you. I brought my head down and kissed you deeply as I took a hold of your penis in my hand. I wanted you inside of me, to feel you throb and move within me. I raised myself over you and guided you in me very slowly, letting myself adjust to you as I brought you in deeper & deeper. When you were fully in me, I brought myself to a full sitting position, letting you touch the very depths of me. I began to move, slowly at first, bringing you out to almost the end and back in again. Your hands came up to me and began fondling my breasts, twisting my nipples between your fingers causing me to move a little faster. You were bringing me to the edge again, I could feel my climax rising fast as you took one hand and began massaging my clit as I continued to ride you.

I began to move faster, bringing myself down hard on you, wanting my climax to reach its peak. You began moving your hand faster on my clit and this caused me to explode. I began gripping you tightly as the contractions came on strongly. I began shaking all over as I was consumed with my orgasm. You stopped your hand and slowly brought me down to you so you could kiss me. You whispered in my ear, asking me to remove myself and get on my hands and knees. You wanted to take me from behind. This brought a new wave of excitement over me as I did what you asked. As I positioned myself, you brought yourself to me, put your hands on my hips and guided yourself into me. I could feel you filling me up to the very depths of me. You began to move slowly at first, bringing yourself slowly out, only to bring yourself back in hard. I was in pure bliss as you continued moving inside of me. I could feel you touch every part of me inside. You leaned over me and took my breasts in your hands, squeezing them as you continued your love making to me.

You would stop once in awhile to control your own release, wanting to make it last as long as you could. I was beginning to build up another climax and was bringing myself back to you as you would go forward. Wanting you to be completely inside as I exploded again. You continued to move faster now, feeling your own climax coming to a head. Your hand once again slipped around me and began massaging my clit. This brought me over the edge and I began to soar as another orgasm over took my body. My contractions began gripping you hard and caused you to climax with me. You filled me deep inside with your seed. I can feel you throbbing as you spilled the last of your seed in me. My climax rocked my body and I was getting weak from it. I brought myself down on the blanket and you followed me, wrapping yourself around me as we both shared the emotions of the flight we just took with each other. We held onto each other as the warm breeze blew over us. I opened my eyes and realized it was now dark. The sun had set a long time ago but I wasn't disappointed that we missed it for we made our own magic. You turned me to you and kissed me deeply, we whispered words of love and held each other for a while longer. Both contented in what we just experienced. We soon gathered our clothes, got dressed and then picked up the picnic things and walked back hand in hand to the car. This was one sunset I would never forget even though I didn't get to see it.