January 20, 2004

Afternoon Fun With The Cable Guy

It was a hot Saturday afternoon when our friend Steve stopped by to say hello and have a beer or two. Steve is a cable guy and on this afternoon he was in desperate need of an ice-cold beer. My wife Jolene was wearing a short pink, loose fitting, Frederick's sundress with no panties covering her sweet trimmed pussy. The dress buttoned up the front and the first couple of buttons were undone revealing her fine cleavage. As Steve came in the front door Jolene was in the living room and she met him and gave him the customary kiss hello. This kiss lingered just a minute longer than usual while their mouths explored each other. The kiss was just long enough to be tempting but not long enough to be too forward.

As they both entered the kitchen I met them as I came in from the backyard to get us all a drink. Steve and I exchanged hugs as I made my way to the refrigerator for three cold ones. Steve and my wife took a seat at the table in the backyard on the same side of the table, nearly facing each other. Her dress was so short even with her legs together there was an opportunity to see her beautiful neatly trimmed pussy. Steve was keeping one eye focused on Jolene's tanned legs as we talked occasionally glancing my way and trying to engage my wife at the same time. I could sense his desire to glimpse my wife's pussy and I am sure Jolene was getting the same sensation.

During our conversation my wife crossed and uncrossed her legs several times allowing her dress to rise even higher on her legs. As we finished our first drinks Jolene asked if she could get us another beer. As my wife rose from her chair her legs parted slightly giving both Steve and I a quick peek at her most private parts. We watched as her beautiful body moved toward the kitchen, her tight ass swaying seductively under her short skirt. When Jolene returned with the beers and bent forward to set them on the table the low cut sundress fell open revealing her supple tits and large nipples. My wife mentioned she had an empty pack of cigarettes and asked if I would go get some from the store as she slowly sat down on Steve's lap. Jolene's arm circled Steve's shoulders and they began kissing while I watched from the other side of the table. Jolene knows I enjoy watching her with other men and we have had more than one threesome with our friend Steve. I have enjoyed several times watching as Steve gave and received pleasure from my wife. This time as they kissed it was much more than a quick hello kiss. I watched my wife's dress ride higher on her firm tanned legs and knew her naked pussy was resting on my friend's leg. Steve was a little bashful as my wife gently took his hand and placed it under her dress so he could feel her hot pussy.

As they were kissing I came around the table and watched as Steve was playing with my wife's hot pussy. I could see my friend's finger trace the fine blonde hairs on Jolene's thigh just before disappearing into her wet pussy as soft moans escaped her lips. Steve's other hand had undone a few more buttons and was busy rolling my wife's erect nipples between his fingers. As I told Jolene I was going to the store she stood in between Steve's legs with her long tanned legs slightly spread and gave me a long lingering kiss goodbye while feeling the front of my shorts where my cock was rock hard. My wife's seductive smile held me in a trance as she slowly stroked my cock through my pants. Steve's hands were feeling her great ass under her dress and undoing the remaining buttons as I kissed my wife goodbye. As we broke the kiss I asked Steve to take good care of her while I was gone and as he smiled back he said he would take very good care of her. As I was leaving I watched my wife sit back down on Steve's lap and start kissing him even more passionately, her dress completely open, just hanging from her shoulders.

I was gone about 15 or 20 minutes and as I came back in the front door I saw my wife's dress crumpled on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. I climbed the stairs slowly listening to the sounds of my wife and Steve. Reaching the top of the stairs I entered our bedroom to see my naked wife on all fours in the middle of our bed with Steve who was also naked and propped up against the pillows. Jolene was giving him the best blowjob in the world as she knelt between his legs. As I walked into our bedroom I took my clothes off and sat in the chair watching every move my wife made. Jolene asked me to get the camera and take a picture of her sucking Steve's cock. We keep the camera close to the bed and I took one or two pictures as her mouth slid up and down on his cock. I love the sight of my wife sucking cock, covered with her saliva, while her hand pumps up and down on the shaft. The head of my friends cock slipped in and out of my wife's mouth as she alternately took him all the way and then pulled up to just circle the head of his uncircumcised cock. Steve was on the verge of coming when my wife told him she wanted him to fuck her as she watched in our large dresser mirror.

Jolene crawled into position so Steve could move in behind her and she could see herself in the mirror. Steve grasped her by the hips as my wife told him to fuck her harder and harder. My friend's cock was at first sliding in and out of my wife's pussy then as his rhythm increased he was pounding in and out of her juicy pussy. My wife's ample tits were swaying under her, her nipples barely brushing the bed as she met each of Steve's strokes. In just a few moments I watch as my wife and my friend join in an orgasm while watching themselves in the mirror. As Steve pulls his softening cock from my wife's pussy she laid back on the bed and told me she wanted her pussy licked. Even from where I was sitting I could see the mixture of my wife's juices and Steve's cum, her pussy was wet, shiny and inviting. I moved in between my wife's legs and start licking and sucking on her swollen pussy. Steve took the camera and started taking pictures of me licking my wife's freshly fucked pussy. I slipped one finger in her we pussy as I licked her nub and moved my other hand up to play with her nipple. Jolene was writhing on the bed as Steve is taking pictures of the two of us.

As Steve moved up on the bed my wife started feeling his soft cock, slowly stroking and pulling on it, bringing it back to life. As I watched his cock grew harder in my wife's small hand I moved up and slid my hard cock into her juicy, cum filled pussy, fucking her with long slow strokes. Jolene and I roll over so that my wife is now on top her pussy raising and lowering on my stiff dick. Steve put the camera down and moved in behind my wife, his cock now hard again. I could feel my friend's finger as he slipped in my wife's pussy then pulled it to lubricate her tight rosebud. As my wife was moaning and gasping Steve slowly began penetrating my wife's ass until I could feel the presence of his cock next to mine, separated ever so slightly. The three of us began a rhythm and soon we were all working together in an unbelievable moment. Jolene started first by gasping, "Fuck Me!" several times in a row as Steve and I both grabbed her by the hips and continued our assault on her pussy and ass. It wasn't long before I began pumping my cock deep into my wife, shooting my load into her just fucked pussy. As this was happening Steve began grunting and really pushing deep into Jolene's ass and pumped his second load into her tight hole.

Jolene collapsed on my chest, her large breasts flattening against me. As Steve withdrew his now soft cock from her ass I could feel his cum leak down onto my balls, mixing with my wife's cum and my own. One more flash of the camera as Steve captured the sight of a well spent wife lying on a horny husband. Jolene's sweaty body rolled off of me onto the side of the bed, she looked well fucked and satisfied. I got off the bed and retrieved three hot wet washcloths from the bathroom, tossing one to Steve and using the second to gingerly clean up my wife's cum soaked pussy. Jolene pressed the hot washcloth to her pussy as I used the third to clean myself up. Steve upon completion of cleaning himself slowly dressed as he thanked Jolene and I for a great afternoon of sex. Jolene remained naked as she and I walked Steve downstairs toward the front door. Just before reaching the door Steve turned to say goodbye an my wife moved up to give him a last lingering kiss, pressing her tanned naked body close to his.

Steve left and Jolene and I made our way upstairs to download the pictures and relive our afternoon. Jolene was sitting naked on my lap as we reviewed the pictures on the laptop, her breasts pressed against my chest and the heat from her pussy pressing against my naked thigh. As we looked together at the pictures of my wife sucking our friend's cock Jolene turned to me and coyly asked if she could get her cable checked tomorrow while I was at work...as I thought about it my cock grew to full attention...Jolene stroked my cock and said she would call for service first thing in the morning...that is another story!